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Webinar Series: How are top data teams making the move to remote?

Did you know that understanding the brain helps build better AI algorithms? 

Or that neuroscience can help validate AI techniques? 

Or that neuroimaging data science uses several Python packages such as NIPY or NiLearn

For a data scientist building predictive algorithms or an ML engineer building computational models that teach machines how to make decisions, unraveling the mystery of the human brain might just be the key.

If only there were an event that brought together the leading experts in neuroscience, AI and ML under one roof!

The good news is, there is one. It’s called NeuroAI.

What is NeuroAI?

NeuroAI is the first-ever conference to bring together the fields of neuroscience and AI in India. 

Event organizers Dr. Srikanth Ramaswamy (left) and Usha Rengaraju (right). Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Organized by Dr. Srikanth Ramaswamy, Senior Scientist at Blue Brain Project, and Usha Rengaraju, Principal Data Scientist at Mysuru Consulting Group, the event will see the world’s leading neuroscientists and deep learning experts come together to discuss some of the most pressing questions the two fields are attempting to answer.

Curious to know more about Neuroscience and AI? Watch this video by DeepMind.

When and where is NeuroAI happening?

The 2-day event will take place at Infosys (Day 1) and Manipal ProLearn (Day 2) in Bengaluru.

Who is speaking at the conference?

The star-studded lineup of speakers includes neurosurgeon and management consultant Dr. Ajay Bhakshi, neuroscientist and computer engineer Prof. Rishikesh Narayanan, senior scientist at GE Research Dr. Radhika Madhavan, and data and ML scientist Dr. Masoud Ghodrati.

Some of the leading minds in neuroscience, deep learning and AI will be speaking at NeuroAI.
Photo courtesy: NeuroAI

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the talks:

  1. Is Neuroscience & AI : A new convergence? by Dr. Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy
  2. ChaosNet: Chaos Theory meets Machine Learning by Professor Nithin Nagaraj
  3. Hard-coded features in the brain and DNN by Professor Ramakrishnan Ganesan Angarai
  4. Understanding the Dynamics of Face Recognition in the Brain Using ML and ANNs by Dr. Masoud Ghodrati

Find the complete list of talks here.

Three more reasons for you to attend NeuroAI

Firstly, NeuroAI is an event that’s completely sponsored by the biggest data science and developer communities in India. 

While Infosys and Manipal ProLearn are helping the organizers with the logistics, others such as Applied Singularity, PyData, GDG Bangalore, PyJaipur, Startup Weekend, Pyladies, Konfhub and Kaggle Days are helping them make the event a success. 

The sponsors for NeuroAI 2019

Everything from the website and design to the venue is a community-sponsored initiative, with humans of data at every step of the way. The event unites humans of data under a common purpose, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why you should be attending the event.

Next, NeuroAI will bring together over 2000 scientists, entrepreneurs, developers, CEOs, and AI enthusiasts from various parts of India under one roof. 

And lastly, did we mention that the event is absolutely free?

Fellow humans of data, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist or ML engineer, or someone changing fields, the event presents a huge networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity for all humans of data.

Register for the event and talk to some of the best minds in neuroscience, AI, and ML. We know our fellow Atlanians aren’t going to miss out on the action.


Editor and Content Lead, Humans of Data

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