This gives enterprises the first end-to-end view of the modern data stack, creating column-level lineage from sources like Salesforce and Postgres all the way to BI.

We’re excited to announce that today we have partnered with Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, and released support for Fivetran’s Metadata API. Through powerful column-level lineage from source to the data warehouse or lake through the BI layer, modern data teams can finally get visibility into every aspect of their company’s data.

Built by a data team for data teams, Atlan is the leading active metadata platform. We power modern data discovery, cataloging, and governance by sharing context across the modern data stack through active metadata, automated bots, and granular personalization.

Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS, files, and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Its Metadata API enables the tracking of data “in-flight” from source to destination as it moves through Fivetran-managed pipelines.

Atlan + Fivetran Metadata API Column-Level Lineage
End-to-end, column-level lineage using Atlan’s integration with Fivetran’s Metadata API

Data leaders turn to Fivetran as the solution for reliable data movement paired with world-class ease of use. That’s why we are thrilled today to announce our partnership with Fivetran to create the first unified view of the modern data stack.

With complex, diverse data stacks, it can be difficult for data producers and data consumers to work together. Now Atlan and Fivetran have come together to help the humans of data collaborate better with increased visibility and trust in their data.

This is just the beginning of our partnership with Fivetran, and we can’t wait to power modern data governance and metadata management together.

Eric Veleker, Founder’s Office, Product & Engineering, at Atlan

With this partnership, joint customers can now move faster with more visibility across their entire data stack. After less than 60 seconds of setup, our integration leverages Fivetran’s Metadata API to create a truly automated data governance experience. Its end-to-end lineage covers everything from upstream sources to the warehouse and BI layer, helping customers stay informed across complex data stacks with powerful root cause and impact analysis.

We’re excited to partner with Atlan to bring better metadata management to our customers. Data governance is a significant struggle for data teams today.

Together, Fivetran and Atlan are solving this problem by helping data teams gain much-needed visibility on where data came from, who accessed it, and what changes have occurred in the pipeline.

Atlan’s open approach, continuous innovation, and focus on user experience are well aligned with our own mission to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.

Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran
Atlan + Fivetran Metadata API Column-Level Lineage
Linking Atlan and Fivetran takes less than 60 seconds with our built-in setup workflow

This integration improves daily workflows for diverse data users by unifying context from across the modern data stack and making it accessible anywhere with active metadata. By making it easier to understand the flow of data from Fivetran through the data stack, trace data back to its origin at the column level, carry out root cause analysis for broken dashboards, and notify downstream data consumers, data engineers can build trust and visibility for the entire company. Meanwhile, data analysts can get complete context about the Fivetran sources, connectors, and destinations that feed into their dashboards without actually leaving those dashboards.

This new partnership and integration comes on the heels of our major launch, featuring a complete redesign and slate of brand-new features, integrations, and partnerships. We were also recently named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Catalogs for DataOps, Q2 2022.

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